Tuesday 1 September 2015 Parish Council Meeting




1     Apologies for absence and declaration of any financial interests

2     Minutes of meeting held on 7 July 2015

3     Matters arising

               Highways issues
               Maintenance of village green verges
               Blocked drains between Lamb Inn and Rectory Lane
               Replacement village sign
               Major works on A429 (Stow Hill and Moreton in Marsh)

               Compliance with DfC&LG transparency code for smaller authorities
               Items to be posted to village website (greatbsp; Envibsp; Potential application to District Councillor’s fund

4     Accounts and financial matters

               Accounts – mid-year review of budget
               Authorised signatories for bank account
               Precept bid for 2016-17

5     Planning

6     Correspondence

               Items to be posted to village website (

7     County councillor’s report

8     District councillor’s report

9     Any other business

10    Date of next meeting (6 October 2015)

Great Rissington Parish Council – Minutes of meeting held on Tuesday, 7 July 2015



Minutes of meeting held on Tuesday, 7 July 2015 at the Great Rissington Club
Present: Parish Councillors Richard Cleverly (Vice Chairman), Peter Brown, John Durrant, Clive Billing and Colin Campbell.
In attendance: District Councillor Mark MacKenzie-Charrington, County Councillor Nigel Moor, LGE (6)

1   Apologies for absence
An apology for absence was received from Elizabeth Meyrick (Chairman). The Vice Chairman asked if there were any financial interests to be declared. No such declarations were made.

2   Minutes of meeting held on 2 June 2015
The minutes of the meeting held on 2 June were approved and signed by the Vice Chairman as an accurate record.

3   Matters arising
Highways issues – Parking
John Durrant highlighted the need to preserve the verges around some of the village greens, which are being eroded by parked vehicles. He has undertaken research into this issue and established that parish councils are empowered to protect such verges. He noted that the occupiers of the Old Forge have installed temporary posts to prevent vehicles from being parked around Smithy Green, and had offered to extend the area covered. The parish council can give permission for this and for notices to be installed advising that parking is not permitted, but there is a potential risk of being legally challenged in the event of damage being caused to a vehicle. It was agreed that this is something the parish council should pursue, with affected areas being re-seeded, signed and protected by posts and string. John undertook to look into costs and report back at a future meeting.

Clive Billing had heard it may be possible for people to “adopt” common land in order to claim it after 7 years. After some discussion, the Vice Chairman suggested that any specific concerns should be referred to the parish council in writing in confidence so that the status of the land in question can be determined. John Durrant understood there are 7 official village greens in the village, the remainder being deemed to be verges and under the control of Highways. It was agreed that the parish clerk will identify the village greens from parish council records and liaise with Clive Billing so they can be identified as such on the new village website.

The Vice Chairman said a complaint has been received regarding parking on the lane near the Club when events are being staged there. It was recognised that car parking provision can be oversubscribed for certain events, and it was agreed he would approach George Mitchell seeking permission to use an adjoining field for temporary overflow parking in his capacity as Chairman of the Club rather than as a parish councillor.

The parish clerk confirmed he had raised the issues of blocked drains on Leasow Lane between the Lamb and Rectory Lane and a new village sign on the entry point from Bourton on the Water with the county council’s contractors, Amey. However, other than being acknowledged, the issues remained outstanding despite having been chased up. Nigel Moor said there are concerns with Amey’s performance on small repair issues such as these, and undertook to raise the matter at a meeting of the county council’s Highways Committee on 8 July.

It was noted that correspondence had taken place between Helen Spooner and Bob Skillern of GCC Highways. The concerns expressed at the previous meeting had been raised with GCC Highways, who had provided a comprehensive response in correspondence with Helen Spooner. It was agreed that no further action was possible with the work having been completed. Compliance with transparency code for smaller authorities

Clive Billing undertook to work up proposals for the display of agendas, minutes, accounts, correspondence, etc on the new village website ( which will help improve the management of parish council business and ensure compliance with the Department for Communities and Local Government’s code.

4   Accounts and financial matters
The accounts for 2015/16 to date were agreed and signed off by the Vice Chairman. It was noted that the parish council’s insurance was due for renewal, and that a quote from Zurich amounted to a small increase (£4) over the premium for 2014/15. An invoice had recently been received from Bibury Landscaping in connection with the grass cuts carried out on 10 and 22 June. It was noted that John Durrant and Peter Brown had volunteered to be additional authorised signatories.

5   Planning
It was noted that no applications directly affecting Great Rissington had been received since the previous meeting.

6   Correspondence
The correspondence received since the last meeting was noted. The parish clerk confirmed he had notified the district council that John Durrant had volunteered to replace Mark Darwent as one of the parish council’s emergency planning contacts.

7   County councillor’s report
CC Nigel Moor reported that he has been chasing Amey to remove cones, etc that have been left at the site. He confirmed that the retaining boards will be left in situ. Referring to the resurfacing of Newbridge Lane, Nigel Moor said the lane is a class 5 public maintainable highway in respect of which several defect reports have been received over a period of time. GCC has an obligation to maintain the road and he supported the stance taken by the Highways Manager, Bob Skillern, in his correspondence with Helen Spooner. He advised that Stow Hill will be resurfaced in September. The Road Safety Partnership had been pleased to report a significant decrease in both fatal and serious injury accidents on the county’s roads in the past year. The new service on the 802 route will commence on 1 August following extensive consultation. Nigel Moor reiterated his request for bids linked to the Child Activity Grant which is available for events involving children aged 5+, and also the tree budget he had mentioned at an earlier meeting.

8   District Councillor’s report
Mark MacKenzie-Charrington reported that the district council aims to have a new development plan in place within the next year. Currently the 5 year housing supply plan provides for 164 units in Bourton on the Water, 328 in Moreton in Marsh, 57 in Stow and 225 at Upper Rissington. CDC as a whole plans for 7600 new homes in the next 20 years, most in and around the main towns of Cirencester, Tetbury, etc. Mark advised he has access to a pot of £2000 for use on local environmental and cleansing support. He undertook to provide the clerk with details for circulation. He reported that a pharmacy group had applied to the NHS to open a super pharmacy at Upper Rissington, but this has been rejected following objections. Upper Rissington and Little Rissington parish councils are supporting a petition appealing against this decision, and sought further support from Great Rissington. This was agreed. Mark then reported on competing plans for a new surgery at Stow which are to be considered by CDC’s planning committee on 8 July. One is at Tall Trees, which the NHS supports in principle but it is not supported by the doctors at the existing surgery nor is there a viable financial plan in place. The doctors’ preferred option is for the Gypsy Field, but there are strong local objections. Small businesses can apply for financial grants of up to £3000 to access with superfast broadband (30 mgbts per second) via

9   Any other business
The Vice Chairman noted there remained one vacancy on the parish council and advised that Andy Kemeys had offered to be co-opted. He was unanimously voted on to the parish council. The Vice Chairman also advised it had been suggested the salt bins should be re-sprayed. It was felt the bins are not suitable for retaining spray paint and therefore it was agreed not to proceed. Peter Brown expressed concern at the gravel on the road outside the Lamb Inn. He undertook to speak with the district councillor outside the meeting to see what might be done to resolve the matter. The Vice Chairman then opened the meeting to the floor. Sheila Jesson thanked the county council for responding to a request to fix a pothole by the Lower Farmhouse within 24 hours, but expressed concern that a similar request in relation to serious potholes in Leasow Lane had not been responded to. Nigel Moor undertook to take this up with Highways. Christine Brain expressed concern regarding large potholes on Leasow Lane and also at the fencing which remains in place near the Victory Fields site. Nigel Moor said he had queried this as requested previously, but advised the fencing will stay in place until the works are completed. Marion Surch asked if the verges along Rectory Lane could be cut and Nigel Moor undertook to speak with Bob Skillern of Highways.

9   Date of next meeting
The next meeting will take place on Tuesday, 1 September 2015. The meeting closed at 7.50 pm

Annual General Meeting – Great Rissington Club

Tuesday, 26th May 7.30pm

In The Club House – All Welcome
Come along, have a say!


Planning Application – 15/01444/COMPLY

CLICK HERE for full details

Proposed new extensions and alterations to the house.
External works to driveway, parking area, formation of steps and engineering works to garden – compliance with conditions 4 (panel), 6 (colour) and 7 (trees)

Little Court Rectory Lane Great Rissington Cheltenham Gloucestershire GL54 2LL

Planning Application – 15/01687/FUL

Planning Application
Proposed first floor rear extension, external alterations including reroofing and replacement windows and widening of existing access.
Plumtree House Rectory Lane Great Rissington Cheltenham Gloucestershire GL54 2LL