Heaven Field Great Rissington


In 2005 it was decided to set up a Village Charity as a conduit for contributions towards the building of the new clubhouse at the Great Rissington Club.  It is a registered Charity No 1115257 and we can accept donations under the Gift Aid scheme which enables us to claim an additional 25% from HMRC for donations from UK taxpayers.

The rather long winded name was deliberate in that funding future projects in the village could be assisted by the Charity.  Our aim as defined in the Trust Deed is “To support fund raising activities to provide and improve  recreational and sports facilities in the village of Great Rissington to cater for the changing needs of the village and wider local community”.

When Richard Turner died and bequeathed Heaven Field to the Village the Parish Council did not want to take it on.  It was left to the GRRSCF to take ownership, of Heaven Field on behalf of the Village and to manage it.  We have been lucky to have Brian Agg and his team of volunteers to look after the field and to manage the hedgerows and boundaries.  Over the last 3 years donations from neighbours and other villagers have enabled us to replace all the boundary fencing.  Some Cotswold Sheep have been grazing in the field but we are looking to find a more numerous flock that will eat the grass more quickly to save on the cost of topping the grass.  The annual cost of maintaining the field is over £300 and we rely on donations to fund that cost.  We would like to find a way villagers could gain more benefit from the field and are open to suggestions.  The field is now registered with the Official Custodian of the Charity Commission and as such is protected from development and may only be sold for charitable purposes and only with the agreement of the Charity Commission.

When the additional land for the playing field was purchased for legal reasons the land was registered in the name of the GRRSCF.  GRRSCF has been dealing with Vodafone and Telefonica regarding the mobile phone mast that is planned to be built on that land in the next few weeks.  It has been agreed that the lease rental will be donated to the Great Rissington Club.

The Telephone Box is another project in which the GRRSCF has become involved.  The Parish Council has bought the Box but the GRRSCF is the channel for funding its refurbishment.  Once refurbished, it is planned to have a Defibrillator located in the box, funded by the Parish and County Council, and to display the work of local artists.   Further information can be found at   http://greatrissington.org/friendsofthephone/

GRRSCF currently has 6 Trustees, Colin Campbell (Chair), Anne Blessley (Secretary), Jane Carter (Treasurer), Richard Cleverly, Clive Billing and Chris Bowen.  We meet at least twice per year and on other occasions when particular matters relating to the above projects or other potential funding needs.  If you are interested in becoming a Trustee please contact Anne Blessley (ku.oc1529715537.liam1529715537toh@y1529715537elsse1529715537lbenn1529715537a1529715537)