Great Rissington has a parish council comprising 7 councillors supported by a parish clerk. Their names and contact details are listed in each edition of Great Rissington News and below this article . The role of the parish council is to represent residents in determining local issues such as planning and development, highways, managing the environment (e.g. trees and common areas such as village greens), social cohesion and welfare, liaising as necessary with the County and District Councils in relation to the services they provide.

The parish council has an annual budget of around £3,000, some of which is allocated in support of local institutions such as the school, the church, the club and the village magazine.

The parish council usually meets at 7:00pm on the first Tuesday each month (excluding August and January) at the Great Rissington Club. All are invited and the average meeting is less than one hour. Our county and district councillors are invited to attend. Local residents are welcome and indeed strongly encouraged to attend meetings. Agendas, minutes of meetings and other documents are displayed on the village notice board by the bus stop outside The Lamb Inn. Minutes of meetings are reproduced in Great Rissington News, and all this documentation will in future be made available via this website.

The role of parish councillor is interesting, enabling volunteers to keep abreast of and have influence over local issues, and is not too demanding on time. Meetings are kept brief and businesslike, and seldom last longer than an hour. The role enables volunteers to make a positive contribution to the quality of life in the village.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Chair of the Parish Council, Richard Cleverly gro.n1550280062otgni1550280062ssirt1550280062aerg@1550280062ylrev1550280062elc.d1550280062rahci1550280062r1550280062 or the Parish Clerk, Mike Saunders gro.n1550280062otgni1550280062ssirt1550280062aerg@1550280062licnu1550280062oc.hs1550280062irap1550280062 if you would like to know more about the role of parish councillor or indeed if you would be willing to be co-opted or stand for election as a parish councillor as and when vacancies arise.