Upper Rissington Square

You may well be aware that Badham Pharmacies are trying to get consent from NHS England to open at Village Square, Upper Rissington. An appeal is being launched against the recent refusal that in effect stated that the area is well served with pharmacies. We contend that by the time all the new houses in Victory Fields and those opposite off Sandy Lane, a total of 421 new homes, are completed within the next 18 months that there will be a much needed pharmacy facility in this hugely expanded community.

To assist in the appeal please:

    • Complete and return a paper copy which can be found at the Co-op, the school or the Upper Rissington Village Hall Parish Office
    • Forward this e-mail to anyone you know within the 4 Rissington villages who you believe would either benefit from the new service or simply support Upper Rissington becoming more sustainable – helping to reduce the reliance on cars and the pressure on our congested narrow roads
    • Parish Clerks to upload the survey onto their village websites and add the topic to their forthcoming Agendas



Peter Badham of Badham Pharmacies is delighted to help anyone who has questions with regard to the survey or wanting to know more about the services that Badham Pharmacies wish to offer. Please call him on 07837 513