Great Rissington Barrington Bushes 1678

Barrington Bushes

Barrington Bushes, what are your secrets? Were the words asked and sung on Good Friday, on the only day of the year when Barrington Bushes is open to the public.

Villagers from Great Rissington gathered on a beautiful Friday morning to walk to the cottage where a young school girl, Maud Pill, once lived with her family. As a child, Maud went to Great Rissington School and on Good Friday, we all walked Maud’s route to her house. It has become a tradition for many villagers to pay their respect to Maud, who lived to 105 years of age. Many were touched by the latest addition to Maud’s abode; an elegant barn owl.

The house is sadly derelict now, but it is well worth a visit because it sparked everyone’s imaginations as to how life was once lived many years ago. Some of the villagers returned for lunch at The Lamb, followed by a folk song about Barrington Bushes and delicious cheese and wine at Andy and Marion’s house. It was an outing for all ages and hopefully you might think about joining us next year.

Kate Edgerton (14 years old)

Photography by Chris Wade