Chipmunks Pre School, Upper Rissington 

Chipmunks Pre School now available 8am to 5.15pm


Chipmunks Pre School, Upper Rissington 
Chipmunks Pre School, Upper Rissington
Responding to the needs of the Community
Wrap Around Care provision now available for Pre-school children
8am to 5.15pm
Please contact the Rissington School for more information and
to apply for a place at our Pre-school. (limited spaces available)
Email: , Tel: 01451 820857


Defibrillator Training

Defibrillator training has been booked for 7.30pm, 2nd October at Great Rissington Club. If you would like to become a First Aid Responder to assist in the event someone is alone with someone suspected of cardiac arrest and needs help to fetch one of the village defibrillators then please let our Parish Clerk, Debbie, know –


No Bonfires please!

Love thy neighbour
Cotswold District Council is asking residents to be neighbourly and considerate as we spend more time at home.
Due to the Coronavirus lockdown there are more people at home, and with the days becoming longer we are asking residents to be extra considerate of each other. The council is asking residents ensure that noise is kept to a minimum, in particular dog barking and loud music.

At this time, if residents have an accumulation of rubbish please stack or bag it for disposal when the current emergency is over, and where possible please compost garden waste.

The council regularly deals with complaints of neighbour nuisance, but the vast majority of cases are dealt with between neighbours.
The council is also urging residents not to light bonfires. Coronavirus can cause serious respiratory problems which could be made much worse if a sufferer is exposed to bonfire smoke.

If you are affected by nuisances such as smoke from bonfires or noise the first action to take is to go directly to the person causing the problem and tell them that you are being disturbed. As we are all practising social distancing right now, please stay safe and remain at least two metres apart if talking with neighbours.
More information and a helpful letter template for neighbours can be found at:

If the problem is persistent residents can make a complaint though the council and they will be asked to keep a log for a period of three weeks.
Cllr Andrew Doherty, Cabinet Member for Waste, Flooding and Environmental Health said, “We have a wonderful community spirit here in the Cotswolds, but please can I appeal to residents to give some extra thought for each other at this time. By being considerate to our neighbours we can help make staying at home more bearable for everyone.”

Contact Information
For media enquiries, please contact the Communications Team

Advice from Gloucestershire Hub

Advice from Gloucestershire Hub

Gloucestershire’s councils and partners have created a community help hub to connect local people who need help, with others who can provide the support they need.

As further measures are put in place to delay the spread of Covid-19, local people have already started to pull together to arrange help in their area for those who need it, but not everyone has existing connections.

In response, the council’s across the county have come together with the police and health partners to create the hub to connect local people who need help, with individuals, groups and businesses who can provide the support they need.

The hub includes four forms:
• ‘I can offer help’ — is for those who are able to support neighbours with tasks such as picking up prescriptions, shopping, dog walking and more
• ‘I need help’ — can be used by individuals to ask for support
• ‘My neighbour needs help’ — may be used by people to request help on behalf of a neighbour, relative or friend who cannot access the internet themselves
• ‘My business can help’ — will allow local businesses who may have skills and resources others could benefit from, to offer their help

The information collected will be shared with the relevant local council who will connect people who can help each other, or if appropriate refer individuals to an existing service.

Residents are encouraged to share details of the community help hub on social media using the hashtag tagatuortolly

The hub will be accessible from every district council website, and from the county council’s website at