The Friends of St. John the Baptist Great Rissington
Building Trust

Successive generations of villagers have, for over 800 years, expanded, rebuilt, and renovated the village church, but the building looks at ease with itself and with its surroundings – as though it has always been the way it is now. Whether used for festivity; service; celebration, or maybe just for solitude and contemplation, the church building quietly plays an important and central role in the fabric of village life, and always has done.

I am writing to ask for your help in preserving this special place for future generations. Every five years the church is required by statute to have the building checked to ensure that it is in good repair. The latest report indicates that it isn’t, and that somewhere in excess of £200,000 will be required to be spent just on the roof.

That is why The Friends of St. John the Baptist Great Rissington Building Trust has been formed. Every penny it raises will be used to ensure that the church building continues to exist as the heart of the village in perpetuity – even if, for any reason, it should cease to be used as a place of public worship.

To raise so much money will be a massive and wide-ranging task, and a donation from you would be doubly important to us. Everything we can raise locally will contribute to the foundation amount we can use when requesting matching grants from government and other funding bodies. £20 given locally could grow to £50, and a £50 donation could eventually become £100. Donate £100 or more and you can leave your own “time capsule” behind a roof tile, to be discovered next time the roof needs to be replaced.

With your support we can ensure that future generations, too, will think that the village church has always been the way it is now. A donation form should have been delivered through your door, but further copies can be downloaded from the Trust’s website, as given below or simply complete this form to make a pledge.

Trustees: Stephen Beale; John Durrant; Michael Harington; Jo Roadknight
The Malt House, Great Rissington, Gl54 2LH. 01451824193.