Great Rissington Red Phone Box

Friends of the Phone

Say good bye to this tatty, embarrassment, a festering wart within the village.

Look forward to seeing a fully restored Grade Two listed monument and the very best phone box in the Cotswolds, may be the U.K, because as a community, Great Rissington now owns the village phone box. It’s ours to use as we please for community projects.

What’s the mission, the vision?

Firstly a full restoration. (probably off site)

  • That means sand-blasting back to the raw metal.
  • Powder coating (spraying) with original paint, provided by BT.
  • Gold leafing the raised crown motifs.
  • New sign writing of the TELEPHONE signage
  • Plastic panes out, toughened glass ones in.
  • Replacement of the wooden, yes it has a wooden door, anyone know when that happened and why?
  • Overhaul of the lighting and power supply.
  • Refurbishment of the interior.

What will it be used for?

This is where you get your say, suggestions include ……..

  • Home for a second defibrillator (will require funding).
  • Art & Photographic Gallery, featuring postcard sized prints from village artists (and we have quite a few), we could include an ordering system through the village website, revenue and encouragement for the artist and a small commission on sales would help keep the box in A1 condition.
  • Book Swap, Seed swap.
  • Sponsored free walking maps, funded by local businesses and printed with their contact details and services.

CLICK HERE to make your suggestion

How is it funded?

  • Once restored, it will not cost much to maintain, especially if the restoration is at a high level and we keep the box clean and tidy.
  • We already have a four figure contribution towards the restoration. Click Here for latest update
  • Further pledges have already been proffered to top up the restoration fund.
  • There are obvious revenue opportunities from commissions and sponsorship.
  • We have struck a deal where BT will continue to pay for power for the lighting and provide the paint.
  • Fund Raisers, perhaps once a year we should have a family village picnic and convert the phone box into the smallest pub in the world for a day, obviously name ‘the Dog and Bone’

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And of course and unashamedly we invite you to become a Friend-of-the-Phone and make a small, make that a large contribution that reflects your pride in the village.

Please CLICK HERE to make a pledge.

How can I help?

  • Forgive the tart in me but let’s start with CLICK HERE to make a pledge.
  • We are also looking for volunteers to join a roster to clean and tidy the box on a regular basis after restoration.
  • We want to build a small group of tradesmen to attend to repairs and maintenance as required, post restoration.
  • We’ll need a joiner to fit out the inside to meet the needs of its chosen use(s). Think of it as a showcase for your work, we’ll give you full credit.
  • Become a Friend-of-the-Phone. Becoming a Friend-of-the-Phone comes at no cost or involvement, contributions whether cash or energy are entirely optional.

So what now?

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