Great Rissington Community Emergency Plan

Whilst the emergency services, district and county councils, electricity, water and communications suppliers/providers, etc have well developed contingency plans in place to manage major incidents that might occur in and around Great Rissington and would undoubtedly come to our aid as quickly as possible, we need to ensure that we, as a community, are able to manage the initial stages of such incidents.

The parish council is therefore reviewing our community emergency plan, to ensure our preparedness to deal with the initial stages of incidents such as flooding, major  power outages, the village being cut off by snow, sink-holes or (God forbid) something as serious as a light aircraft crash, a major fire or building collapse.  We need a plan for use in just such eventualities, albeit very much in the hope we never have to use it.  The current plan can be viewed via the parish council pages on the village website.

We already have a number of physical resources we might possibly be able to call on in a time of crisis.  For example, the school, club, church and pub might all be used as temporary places of safety and refuge in the initial stages of an incident if required.  We also have other physical resources, such as the defibrillator located at the club, with another planned for installation in the telephone box.

Perhaps more importantly, we have people – residents with a range of skills, experience and resources we would hope to be able to call upon in the event of a major incident.  Health professionals, structural and highways engineers, chainsaw/road plough operators, qualified first aiders, electricians, builders, plumbers, all-round handy persons:  these are just some of the skills that could prove invaluable in certain circumstances.  It would also be really useful to know if you would be willing and able to offer short-term, temporary accommodation to those displaced by flood , fire etc.

A key part of our plan is therefore to identify local people with skills, experience and resources that might be useful in the event of a major incident.  We are therefore asking all local residents to consider what they might be able to contribute in such circumstances.


In order to expand the (currently limited) pool of residents who are able to offer support in the event of the defibrillator being needed, we are aiming to stage another training session in the New Year.  Please consider volunteering to come along – the more of us who are trained in using this equipment the better.  It could save a life – perhaps yours, a member of your family or a neighbour.

If you would like to register your skills or resources that could be useful in the event of an incident of the kind described above, please contact the parish clerk, Mike Saunders at