What and where is Heaven Field?

Heaven Field is the 2 acres of land to the East of Rectory Lane. It was owned by the late Captain Richard Turner who requested that on his death it be transferred to the village of Great Rissington.

Who owns Heaven Field now?
The land was transferred to the Great Rissington Recreation and Sports Community Fund (GRRSCF), a registered charity no: 1115257, and the Trustees have vested the land with the Official Custodian of the Charities Commission which means that the land must be used for charitable purposes.

Can the land be sold?
In theory, yes it can but only with the approval of the Charities Commission which is unlikely to be forthcoming.

What is the purpose of the GRRSCF?
The GRRSCF was set up in July 2006 to support fund raising activities to provide and improve recreational and sports facilities in the village of Great Rissington to cater for the changing needs of the village and wider local community. To date it has been involved in the raising of funds to build the club, the footway and for the maintenance of Heaven Field. When donations are made to the Fund by UK Taxpayers a further 25% of the donation can be claimed from HRMC under the Gift Aid Scheme.

Who are the Trustees of the GRRSCF?
The Trustees are Clive Billing, Anne Blessley, Christopher Bowen, Colin Campbell, Richard Cleverly and Jeremy Meyrick. The fund is Chaired by Colin Campbell and Anne Blessley is the Secretary.

What are the plans for Heaven Field?
To date the main concern has been to improve the condition of the field and its access. Brian Agg and his team have done an enormous amount of work clearing overgrown areas and improving waterlogged areas and drainage. The field has been cut regularly, sometimes by villagers, and the gates were replaced in 2015 to provide easier access.

Rare breed sheep have been grazing in the pasture to help keep the grass down and to provide an attraction for villagers to visit the field.
It is the Trustees wish for villagers to have greater use for the field and any suggestions as how this may be achieved are most welcome.

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