Graham Ramsay – Chair
Sarah Hoyle – Secretary
Anne Blessley
Chris Bowen
Nigel Wade

Apologies received from Jane Carter and Clive Billing

Minutes of October meeting

The minutes of the October 2018 were approved

  1. Resignation of Richard Cleverley

    On behalf of the trustees Graham Ramsay acknowledged Richard Cleverley’s long and loyal service to GRRSCF, and formally expressed thanks for his significant contribution to the trust over the many years that he was a trustee. His contribution will be sorely missed.

    There is now a vacancy for a new trustee. Anyone interested should contact one of the trustees. Anne Blessley volounteered to see if any Rectory Lane residents are interested in getting involved.

  2. Financial Update
    Jane Carter sent the financial update in advance of the meeting and there were no questions. Donations of £2,830 have been received since October 2018, in addition to the £2,500 rent payment for the phone mast. Costs incurred during this period were £3,920.95 for the phone box refurbishment and £148.0 for Heaven Field costs of 6. The account balance as of 23rd March was £4295.81.
  3. Review of Heaven Field Management Team and GRRSCF relationship agreement
    This agreement was reviewed and it was agreed that all trustees are happy that it still accurately reflects the relationship. This agreement will be reviewed annually.
    Heaven Field update, including general condition, change of grazing arrangements, rainwater discharge, potential for alternative uses (eg orchard)

    7 sheep are now happily grazing on the field and the rent has been paid for 2 years in advance. No problems are foreseen but it was agreed that there’s room for more sheep if necessary.

    Various options for other uses of the field were discussed, including use as an orchard, however it was decided not to pursue this for now. The trustees are open to suggestions or ideas for future use which would be considered subject to consultation.

    David Brown’s request for rainwater discharge via Heaven Field was discussed. Rectory Lane residents met with the David and, as the, and Brian Agg, are happy with the plans, and Thames Water and the Environment Agency have confirmed they do not need to be consulted, the trustees approved David’s request.

  4. Club update, including phone mast
    Chris Bowen confirmed that there is still no Vodafone connection to the mast and no response from Vodafone about when this might happen. The Club is functioning well, and the cricket season will open soon. All funds are ploughed back into the club to improve facilities.
  5. Phone box update
    Clive Billing reported that after much back-and-forth between Scottish Power, Cotswolds District Council and BT, no one wanted to take responsibility for the fault with the power supply. It appears that the issue lies with the local supply to the phone and it has been approved for the electrician (via the Parish Council) to investigate. We are now waiting for the electrician to complete this work.
    There are still some pledges and Gift Aids to collect which will be reconciled and passed to Jane Carter.
  6. AOB
    There was no other business to discuss
    Date and venue of AGM and autumn meeting
    The AGM and Autumn meeting will be held on Wednesday 2nd October at 7pm at the Club.