More Money for the Museum

More money for the museum

Cirencester’s Corinium Museum is to get an extra £135,000 funding from Cotswold District Council to finance some unforeseen work to the ground below the shop area.

Councillors agreed to increase their financial contribution to the museum’s ‘Stone Age to Corinium Project’ after it was found that the ground and foundations below the shop area were in poor condition and needed underpinning which would be an extra cost in the work being carried out.

Councillor Jenny Forde said: “Most of us have been living in this area long enough to know how common this situation is when working with old buildings and despite all efforts, this truly was unforeseen.

“We’re taking the long term view that this 1.7million project will ultimately benefit everyone and will secure the future of our beloved and important Museum.”

If anyone wishes to show their support for the museum then why not buy a Corinium Creature?

To raise further funds for the ‘Stone Age to Corinium Project’ the museum wants to fill the museum walls with Corinium Creatures. For a minimum donation you can buy a creature and have it printed with a name of your choice that will be displayed on the museum walls for one year.

The creatures have been designed by renowned artist and designer Clifford Richards and are inspired by iconic objects on display in the museum galleries.

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