Mr. C’s amazing work goes noble

Great master work from our very own Richard Cleverly, hand-carved in ash. Then those talented geezers at DG commandeered  it and whist it off to their state of the art jewellery workshop in Bourton-on-the-Water and a week or so later created a this wonderful CAD master. Now this piece of rural craft work, rural art can be reproduced in any metal, from brass, through silver, gold to platinum.

Consider this: What you are looking at is NOT a finished piece, it is CGI, a photo realistic computer rendering. This will be 3D printed in a resin which will be the master for each casting. The detail on Richard’s original, which of course is all hand carved will be replicated by the goldsmiths and silversmiths by hand as a final finish of the work. It’s not called carving when working with noble metals, it is called ‘chasing’. also sponsor this web site